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June Home Tips

Hello, Everyone,

Except for a few odd days, I think it is safe to assume that summer is here…

Consumer Reports gives Sawyer Fisherman’s Formula Picaridin ($8.25) insect repellent a rating of 96, considerably higher than the Repel brands just below it, which are rated 87 and 82 and cost a bit less. Interestingly, the California Baby Natural Bug Blend at $15.50, which has the highest price on the list, is rated only 22.

Pls remember that if you see English Ivy on your trees or on the trees of anyone you know, it kills trees by strangling and dehydrating them. English Ivy is pernicious and is not a native plant.

For those of you without central air conditioning, Consumer Reports rates these window ac’s best:

100-300 square feet—GE AEMO5LS @$210;

250-400 square feet—GE AEMO8LT @$300;

350-650 square feet—LG LW1214ER @$350; Friedrich Chill CP10G10A @$400; GE AER10AT @$250.

Enjoy your weekend!


Category: Home Tip of the Month

May Home Tips

The simplest way to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes is to sandwich them between two plastic lids and run a long knife through all of them at once!

Keep brown sugar soft by storing with a couple of marshmallows.

Install a regular coat rack low down the wall to store shoes safely off the floor.

Create a thrifty watering can by puncturing holes in the top of a used milk bottle.

Remove pet hair from furniture and carpets with a squeegee.

Flip a toaster on its side to make grilled cheese.

Water straight from the tap becomes cloudy when frozen. To make ice cubes crystal clear, allow a kettle of boiled water to cool slightly and use this to fill your ice cube trays.

Use a large muffin tin to cook stuffed peppers in the oven—it will help keep them upright.

To prevent potatoes budding, add an apple in the bag.

Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the water when hard-boiling eggs to make the shells incredibly easy to peel off.

WD-40 can be used to remove crayon marks from any surface!

To tell if eggs are fresh, immerse them in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs will lie on the bottom, while stale eggs will float to the surface.

To clean a wooden chopping board, sprinkle on a handful of Kosher salt and rub with half a lemon. Rinse with clean water and dry to ensure it is clean and germ-free.

Use ice-cubes to lift out indentations made by furniture on your carpets.

Prevent soil from escaping through the holes in the base of flowerpots by lining with large coffee filters.

To sharpen scissors, simply cut through sandpaper.

Use rubber bands to help open a jar easily: place one around the jar lid and another around the middle of the glass. The rubber provides friction to prevent your hands from slipping.

To prevent your eyes watering while chopping onions, wipe the chopping board with white vinegar (which won’t affect the taste of the onions).

Store bed sheets inside their pillowcases for easy storage and access.

Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl at night to clean off stubborn stains.

Use cupcake cases to cover drinks glasses in the summer and prevent flies from dropping in.

Use egg boxes to store delicate Christmas tree decorations.

This has to be the simplest way to open those annoying blister packs!

Use a cut potato to easily remove a broken light bulb.

Use chalk to remove grease stains from clothes. Simply rub white chalk on the affected area and wash as normal—the chalk will absorb the grease and be washed away in the cycle.

Frozen grapes are great even without the wine.

Use a rubber band to rescue a stripped screw.

Wrap rubber bands around the ends of a coat hanger to prevent dresses from slipping off.