Home Tips of the Month

It’s hard to believe how few homeowners have annual pest inspections. Pest inspections are inexpensive, especially when one considers the cost of repairs from termites, carpenter ants, etc. Carpenter ants love wet wood; we have a lot of rain in the Boston area; your house is a magnet for carpenter ants. Termites live in the ground and “visit” your house and garage via sand tubes, which are very hard to see. If you live in a wood frame house, your house could be “attacked” by carpenter bees. When you plan your annual home maintenance, do add a pest inspection to your list.

I haven’t done this before but I wanted to share with you the names of a few people/companies whose service, work, products have been outstanding in my interactions with them:

Gibbons Electric – Stephen is the owner. 


Bloom – shades, blinds, plantation shutters

694 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

Alex Carpia Flooring – for installation of engineered wood (can’t use traditional wood on concrete floors) 


Daniel Tringale – wood flooring installation 


Nam Floors – he’s a magician at repairing wood flooring 


Hub Leather and Repairs – they revive your leather furniture and repair any areas where the leather has flaked 


If/when you call any of these, please use my name. I don’t get any compensation, but you’ll get better/quicker service. Contractors appreciate broker referrals.

Please remove English ivy from your trees (and garden) and pass the word along to your friends, family, and neighbors. English ivy is an invasive species, strangling and killing our beautiful trees. Besides being lovely to look and an awesome product of Nature, the leaves help to purify the air.