Home Tips of the Month from Bonny Lamb

Eating a well-balanced diet, concentrating on vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains, increases bone density. Ask your physician about Vitamin D supplements, now considered a necessity, too.


Which are better for you–dried or canned beans? According to Consumer Reports “On Health,” both are fine unless you have concerns about sodium intake. Canned beans have high sodium content, although low-sodium now are available. Canned beans are a big time-saver!



According to a UK study, group singing–nonprofessional and noncompetitive–made people happy. As the singing session progressed, so did happiness and confidence. It would be fun to organize skype/facetime/zoom singing groups during this need for social distancing and see if the results are the same. Humor is good for our health, too, and would be essential with this endeavor.


Unless your loathing for washing dishes is greater than your fear of some ruination of these products, it’s better not to put quality sharp knives, wooden bowls/utensils and china with gold leaf into your dishwasher.



Another reminder about English ivy, an invasive species that strangles and kills trees, like this one in West Cambridge. It’s our local kudzu, all too evident in Cambridge, Belmont and Somerville, taking over gardens and climbing trees. At the beginning of the climb, the roots can be pulled from the trees; once securely attached to the tree or wedged within the interstices of the trunk, the roots of the plant need to be sawed to destroy the vines. 


Enjoy the Summer!