Sellers Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to sell my home?
    That depends on the market, the price, the condition, the location and the agent you choose.  There’s a saying in real estate that everything sells at a price—but at what price?  The agent or agents you interview for the marketing of your home will prepare a pricing report for you, based on properties currently on the market and those that have sold in your neighborhood with characteristics similar to those of your home.  Do keep in mind that Buyers know more about the market than Sellers, and Buyers will ignore a property with a price out of sync with the market.
  • How do I coordinate the sale of my present home with the purchase of a new one?
    Work with an agent who is creative and experienced in coordinating the two transactions.  The price of the home you are selling will be ultra important, especially if you have found or have under agreement a new home you love or if you are relocating.  Ideally, you will have your selling property under a strong Purchase & Sale Agreement (P&S) and will be able to close on both homes on the same day to avoid a “bridge” loan.
  • How do I list my home for sale?
    Your first step is to find an agent whom you feel you can trust.  Generally, the reputations of individual agents and brokerage firms are well-known in a community.  You also can get a plethora of information from the web sites of real estate firms, where individual agents will be profiled.  You might want to consider any mailings you have received from certain agents or ask your friends about their experiences.  Interview 2-3 agents; ask them to evaluate your home; choose the person with whom you feel most comfortable and assured that the job will get done.  The agent you choose will have several listing forms for you to sign.   The agreement is usually 3-6 months; but be sure you are able to cancel the contract if you feel the agent is not doing a good job or you feel serious unease about how the procedure is going.
  • What should I look for in a seller’s agent?
    Look for a serious person you can trust to handle your important investment and an agent who will give you an honest value for your home, not some wild price to “buy” the listing.  Choose an agent who will aggressively and conscientiously market your property; who utilizes today’s technology; and an agent who is committed to placing your interests before his/her own.  And you will want an agent from a reputable, respected and successful firm with a very good track record—a powerhouse behind your power-broker.
  • What should I look for in a real estate company?
    Your ongoing relationship will be with your agent, but your agent can’t do the job alone—selling a home is a team effort.  You will want a brokerage large enough to have a full-time receptionist—Hammond has 2; with a “floor-broker” on hand to respond to Buyers’ calls and questions about your property (legally, receptionists may not give information about a property); with a support staff so that your agent’s time is spent marketing and showing your home, not bogged down in clerical work.  Be sure the brokerage invests heavily in web and print marketing.  More than 90% of Buyers begin their search on the web, and targeted print advertising is highly successful.  As stated above, you will want a powerhouse behind your power-broker.