Testimonial 1

“Above and Beyond!’…That is the only way to describe Bonny’s level of commitment as my agent to sell my Cambridge property. I had been cynical about the value of real estate agents until I experienced Bonny’s work. I was convinced that Compass was more technically astute with digital marketing, but I underestimated the value of a committed, hard working, smart agent. One can imagine that a beautiful house will sell itself, but there are so many details to make the buyers experience just right. All of these details have to come together, almost simultaneously. The fix-ups, the staging, the photography, and the videography; and they have to be perfect. And that is what Bonny did for me, while I was living 50 miles away and rarely there. The photography and videography were brilliant, and featured in Boston Magazine. The COVID-19 shutdown happened just as we were starting the project. It added a new dimension of difficulty. Not so much for me, but for her. She persevered through delays and frustrations to accomplish a successful sale. I highly recommend Bonny Lamb!”