Testimonial 23

“Now that our house at 11 Garden Terrace is under agreement, we wanted to say how much we enjoyed working with you. From the start, you struck us as knowledgeable, poised, articulate, and indeed persuasive an excellent person into whose hands we could put the sale of our home. Your ideas about how to prepare the house for showing to prospective Buyers proved to be very useful, and we’re pleased that we followed just about all your suggestions. The pricing at the start, and in retrospect, struck us as right, and we appreciated the degree to which you tested your judgment and intuition by gathering the views about an appropriate selling price of a number of other knowledgeable brokers in your office. You were helpful throughout, including the final days of negotiations, and we could not be more pleased with a sale only slightly below the asking price in what we all knew to be a difficult market.”