Testimonial 26

“I have known Bonny since I bought a townhouse she had listed in 2006 and it struck me at the time how beautiful her picture presentation was and how professional she came across. In 2017, I thought of Bonny again when selling a rental unit I had acquired on the nearby Harvard Street. She was engaging from the outset. I was dumbfounded by her efficiency and professionalism. It takes a workaholic like myself to appreciate another one like Bonny. Bonny frequently would write to me late at night to give me progress reports. This may sound like an understatement, but I’ve found in her a one-person team that seems to have every detail redundantly covered.

I’ve been involved in real estate before, both from a selling and a buying perspective. For my real estate transactions in Cambridge/ Boston, my only regret is that I did not engage Bonny in every one of them. She would have saved me tons of time and she would have made them all effortless for me. My only advice for her throughout this process is what I kept telling her, “Bonny, you work too hard!!! Go rest for God’s sake!” Truth be told, she’s a perfectionist at heart and she really cares about her clients and her listings.

If you are like me-a professional who lives out of state and is too busy to worry about the details that go into a real estate transaction- then you’d probably find out, just as I did, that working with Bonny is a dream come true and she’ll babysit the process from the start to the finish line. All real estate agents should learn from her and they would be equally successful and memorable.

This is the very first review I’ve written for anyone or anything in decades, so I apologize for being so wordy. But I’ve found Bonny an exceptional professional, one of a kind, and I’d be remiss if I allowed this opportunity to slip by and not share and recount truthfully what she did for me.”