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December Home Tips

Hello, Everyone, Because it’s the season of lights, please check on line or call your local fire department to learn the proper placement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your house or condominium. Before I order a smoke/co inspection at the fire dept. for a closing, I check the house to see if it will pass inspection and am amazed at how many properties are missing detectors or have them installed in the wrong places. Be safe! According to a Cambridge firefighter, detectors have a limited lifespan even with the batteries changed, so do check on the effective age of your detector/s. Hard-wired detectors are age affected, too, and also will not work if a fuse in the system has blown. Last month the man I use to help with lots of things, including installation of detectors, purchased a detector from Home Depot. The detector was a new style, containing an irreplaceable battery that is supposed to last 10 years (there is no way to open the detector to change the battery). Before installing the detector, we tested it for sound and it didn’t work. Maybe it was only 1 defective detector out of a case of them or out of many cases, but one out of one not working is enough for me to avoid that type in the future. Happy holidays! Very best, Bonny