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June Home Tips

Hello, Everyone, Except for a few odd days, I think it is safe to assume that summer is here… Consumer Reports gives Sawyer Fisherman’s Formula Picaridin ($8.25) insect repellent a rating of 96, considerably higher than the Repel brands just below it, which are rated 87 and 82 and cost a bit less. Interestingly, the California Baby Natural Bug Blend at $15.50, which has the highest price on the list, is rated only 22. Pls remember that if you see English Ivy on your trees or on the trees of anyone you know, it kills trees by strangling and dehydrating them. English Ivy is pernicious and is not a native plant. For those of you without central air conditioning, Consumer Reports rates these window ac’s best: 100-300 square feet—GE AEMO5LS @$210; 250-400 square feet—GE AEMO8LT @$300; 350-650 square feet—LG LW1214ER @$350; Friedrich Chill CP10G10A @$400; GE AER10AT @$250. Enjoy your weekend! Best, Bonny