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March Home Tips

Hello, Everyone! If you’re considering the purchase of an extended warranty, do confirm that the extension begins after the end of the initial warranty. Consumer Reports discovered that most extended warranties overlap with the original. Gentle Giant is offering “Free and Clear Storage” in the Boston area to help Sellers declutter their houses in preparation for selling. Gentle Giant will provide 2 storage vaults free for 3 months. And if any of your items need restoration, their “Store and Restore” policy will give you $150 off any project costing $450 or more. This week is Boston Design Week and Jodi and Alex Robbins will be hosting an event at their lovely furniture store at 357 Huron Ave, in Huron Village in Cambridge. The topic for the evening, with answers to any of your questions, will be “De-mystifying Custom and Made-to-Order Furniture and Cabinetry.” Snacks and drinks will be served; 6-8 pm, on Thursday, March 26th. If you haven’t visited their store yet, it’s a must! Best, Bonny