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February Home Tips

Hello, Everyone, In this season of snow and more snow, the following seemed in order… According to Consumer Reports, the best rated snow blowers are Cub Cadet 31AH57S @ $1,500 and Troy-Bilt Vortex 2890 31AH55Q @ $1,300. The Cub Cadet 930SWE 31AH95SU @ $1,600 is close-behind second, but considerably more expensive. The top-rated Lithium AA battery is the Energizer Ultimate @ $2.50 (scored 96); the top-rated Alkaline AA is the Duracell Quantum @ $1.00 (scored 91). However, the Kirkland Signature from Costco receives a score of 84 but costs only 27 cents, so is considered the “CR best buy.” In the past week I have received several emails from clients, asking for names of people to remove snow and take care of ice dams. Most contractors seem to be busy 2 weeks in advance. J. Murray & Sons is very good about sending real estate agents emails about its snow removal/ice dam services, adding that it has 30 people on its staff; but I never have used them nor do I know anyone who has. With the hope that their service is both timely and good, here is their contact information for you to connect with them, if you like, to assess their qualifications: call 781-414-0605 or Very best, Bonny