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February Home Tips

Hello, Everyone,

Now that winter is here and we should expect more snow, I’d like to remind you of the app called Plowz&Mowz.  Depending on your community, the high schools sometimes have organized snow-shoveling brigades and some cities and towns provide snow removal for homeowners beyond a certain age.

The fund-raising organization, Wounded Warriors, has received bad press recently.  It’s easy to google charities to check on the percentage a charity really donates to its cause.  Homes for Our Troops is based in Taunton, MA, and the last time I checked, only 10% was used for admin compared to 40% by Wounded Warriors.  Homes for Our Troops renovates and provides homes for maimed veterans.

Wondering what to do with your stack of paperback books?    Please consider donating them to, which sends “gently-used” books to our troops.

Enjoy the weekend and please remember me when your friends, family or colleagues are thinking of buying or selling.  I am grateful for your referrals.