Air Fresheners & Purifiers

Hello, Everyone, According to Consumer Reports, air fresheners, candles and incense should be avoided in a house with anyone who has serious allergies or asthma. Consumer Reports tested and evaluated portable home air purifiers with filters and rated the Whirlpool AP51030K, about $300, the best. Following is a short list of their other top rated brands with prices: Hunter 30547—@ $260 Blueair 503—@ $600 GE AFHC32AM—@ $350 Blueair 650E—@ $800 Holmes HAP756-U—@ $146 (interestingly, this brand also has the lowest operating cost, too) Best, Bonny

English Ivy Strangles Trees

English ivy is not native to the U.S. The ivy is prolific; is spread by birds; it wraps the trunk of a tree, reducing airflow to the trunk, and strangles the tree.

If you see ivy growing on your trees, please remove it. If you see ivy on someone else’s trees, please let them know of the danger. I have seen dead trees in Cambridge and Belmont and recently called Harvard to warn them of their dying trees on Garden Street along the Radcliffe Quad.

“What did the tree learn from the earth to be able to talk with the sky?”
—Pablo Neruda

Enjoy the holiday weekend!